Children’s Ear, Nose, Throat

Child Hearing Problems

Doctor and Child - Advanced Sinus and Hearing Center

Your Child’s Ear and Throat Problems

Most young children will get ear or throat infections from time to time. Your family doctor or pediatrician should be able to handle these routine problems. Frequent infections are often better treated more aggressively with newer medications or may require surgery. Recurrent middle ear infections may require PE tube insertion.

Kids getting more than a few sore throats per year should be evaluated by a specialist to see if the tonsils or adenoids should be removed.

Loud snoring or breathing difficulty at night may also require tonsil/adenoid surgery after a Sleep Study has been performed to rule out other causes of breathing problems.


Every child should have their hearing screened so that a baseline can be entered into the record.

If you have any concern whether your child should have more specialized care, please make an appointment.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Autin is Fellowship trained and certified by the of American Academy Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We can evaluate birthmarks, moles, scars and other problems that your child may have which might require reconstructive surgery.


Correction of prominent ears (“Dumbo deformity”) is a common procedure. This is ideally done around the time the child enters elementary school to avoid the inevitable peer group teasing and bullying. However it can be performed at any time after age 5.