Dizziness/Balance Disorders

Dizziness and Imbalance
Dizziness and imbalance are sometimes a symptom of inner ear problems, especially in people under the age of 60. Our Doctors and Audiologist can evaluate you and refer you to the appropriate practitioner to be treated if necessary.

Dizziness and Balance Problems - Advanced Sinus and Hearing CenterSudden intermittent dizziness when turning in bed or bending over is often due to inner ear “crystals” (Benign Positional Vertigo). There are medical and physical therapy treatments available for this condition.

Most often ongoing imbalance and unsteadiness is a result of a combination of aging, heart and circulation problems, orthopedic (walking) difficulties and visual problems. Balance Therapy may help individuals these multifactorial balance problems.

A comprehensive hearing test is done on all patients with dizziness to rule out treatable ear conditions. It is important to make the correct diagnosis of the dizziness in order to recommend the appropriate treatment

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