Throat/Voice Disorders

Fiberoptic Vide Laryngoscopy - Advanced Sinus and Hearing CenterWe specialize in care of the professional voice.

Dr. Autin earned a BA degree in Music prior to his surgical training. He serves as company throat specialist for Shiloh Theatrical Productions, a semi-professional group based in Stuart, FL.

You don’t need to be a professional singer to need our services as most everyone gets laryngitis occasionally. However any hoarseness or sore throat lasting more than a couple weeks should be evaluated by a specialist as polyps, nodules, or even CANCER can develop and give these early warning signs.

We offer Fiberoptic Video Laryngoscopy in the office, allowing you to SEE your own vocal cords on TV as you speak.

Video laryngoscopy - Advanced Sinus and Hearing Center

Fiberoptic Video Laryngoscopy

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